Short film / 2018


" About seeking freedom from the body, when all you need is to be in your body. About how the body, in the end, is the only thing you have left, your sole friend and your worst enemy. "

Duration: 11 min - Language: Swedish - English title: This Body


Screenwriter, director & producer: Gilda Naumanen

Production manager & FAD: Sarah H.T. Olsson

Script supervisors: Maria Flodmark & Daniela Runesson

Production assistant: Daniela Runesson


DoP: Matilda Svedberg

1st AC: David Falck

Sound technician: Johannes Rydinger

Gaffer: Julián Quevedo

Edit & grade: Gilda Naumanen

Sound design & mix: Gilda Naumanen & Ludwig Rostedt  

Cast: Isabelle Wardeus, Carin Bräck, Shahab Mehrabi

Premiered at Pixel Skånes Film Festival 2018 where it received honor mention from WIFT (Women in film and television).