Short / 2019

" Three incidents, three shots, three lives. In one year, a boy loses three of his brothers. To survive the grief, he has built a hut in which he can imagine and be with his brothers again. "

Duration: 5 min - Language: Swedish

English title: Can't shine without you my brothers

Made with support from Mohave Media


Distributed by Folkets Bio


Director: Alexander Abdallah

Producers: Gilda Naumanen & Adam Lunneborg

DoP: Eric Ivar Persson

1st AC: Sarah Olsson

Production assistant: Oscar Dziedziela

Edit, grade & VFX: Eric Ivar Persson

Sound design: Christofer Nilsson

Original soundtrack: The Land Below

Cast: Alexander Kwiek, Mustafa Al-mashhadani, Daniel Djordjevic,

Leonardo Kwiek

Festivals & screenings in selection

Screen Talent Europe (Berlin), 2020
Göteborg Film Festival, 2019
BUFF Malmö, 2019

Pixel Skånes Film Festival, 2019

Uppsala International Short Film Festival, 2019

Novemberfestivalen, 2019

Awards & nominations:
Won - Best Film, Best Cinematography, Best Original Soundtrack,

Audience Award. Pixel Skånes Film Festival, 2019

Nominated - Best Swedish Short Film. Uppsala International Short Film Festival, 2019

Won - Amandus filmpris & 2nd place Best Film. Novemberfestivalen, 2019


Folkets Bio - Svensk Kortfilm c/o Folket Bio, 2019

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