Short documentary / 2019

Fangirl_2 (1).png

" In her diary 14 year old Moa writes about her love for Brian Molko, the singer in Placebo. His existence fills the holes in her chest with strength and dreams. "

Duration: 4 min - Language: Swedish

English title: They call me Fangirl
In co-production with SVT & Film i Skåne
With support from Boost Hbg

Director: Moa Englander

Producer: Sarah H.T. Olsson

Executive producer: Adam Lunneborg

Production consult: China Åhlander

DoP: Eric Ivar Persson

Archive photo: Clara Karlsson
Sound technician: Jacob Gustavsson
Editor: Karolina Bengtsson
Colorist: Johan Eklund
Sound & mix: David Gülich

Project leaders SVT: Ina Holmqvist & Helena Ingelsten

Consultant Film i Skåne: Lisa Nyed

Poster photo: Zola Gorgon

Premiered at Uppsala International Short Film Festival, 2019

: SVT, SVT Play